How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

Randall Veterinary Hospital recommends yearly exams for adult pets. Pets age much faster than their human counterparts, therefore skipping yearly check-ups is the equivalent of a human going more than 7 years between doctor visits. Younger animals and older animals may require more frequent visits due to age-related health issues and the necessity for vaccinations against harmful diseases.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Animal dentistry is an often-overlooked aspect of healthcare by pet owners throughout the nation. The experienced professionals at Randall Veterinary Hospital understand that not only do regular dental cleanings and procedures help your pet’s mouth feel better, but can extend their lifespan as well. It is important to remember that not all dental issues are on the surface and a veterinarian will need to identify gum disease, abscessed teeth and tartar buildup.

When is pain management recommended for my pet?

Randall Veterinary Hospital strives to provide your pets with a high quality of life. If your pet is suffering from pain, they can lose their appetite, their ability to exercise properly and in some cases become aggressive. Our caring doctors will recommend pain management, short and long term, if your pet’s quality of life is dampened by pain. One of our experienced veterinarians can determine if pain preventative is right for your pet.