Pain Management

Pain is perhaps the hardest symptom to recognize and diagnose in an animal. Animals have an instinct to hide any pain or injury they may have because of the prey/predator relationship found in the wild. Randall Veterinary Hospital is well-versed in the subtle signs animals will show when they are in pain. At home you may recognize that your pet is not eating, sleeping a lot, whimpering, limping and even demonstrating unusual aggressiveness. Our doctors can get your pet on the track to healing quickly through surgery, rehab and medications. For acute pain due to injury or trauma, our veterinarians can treat your pet with surgical intervention and even immobilization of an injured limb. Pain preventatives may be prescribed to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while healing. Chronic pain is often due to arthritis, degenerative joint disease, cancer and other age-related issues. Our veterinarians may then prescribe a combination of low-dose pain medication and corticosteroid treatments. We also use laser therapy to help alleviate pain from old injuries, inflammation of the joints and painful scar tissue.